Notary Errors/Rejected Fingerprints

As much as we would like to be perfect it's not possible and there is a chance that we may make a mistake. If we make a mistake please notify us at the time of appointment or by calling and/or emailing us. We would like to know of the mistake we made and will do all we can to correct the error. Please contact us before going to social media. We take pride in our level of customer service and would appreciate it if you would not jeopardize our future business because of our human error.
Fingerprints: If your fingerprints were rejected please notify us within twenty- four (24) hours of receiving the notice. We will schedule a time to redo your prints free of charge. The appointment must be within 30 days of the date of rejection and you will need to provide the rejection letter before the appointment via email or fax. We do not offer refunds.
Notary Public: If for any reason a form is rejected because of our mistake please notify us immediately. We will arrange a time to redo the notarization. You must provide the rejected document as proof and give to us to shred. We do not offer refunds.
Thank you for your business!