Why is Ink Card Fingerprinting Necessary?

Why is Ink Card Fingerprinting Necessary?

It may seem like ink card fingerprinting is outdated, but it is still a popular method of obtaining fingerprints.

  • Many times electronic fingerprints are requested but LiveScan facilities are not in close proximity in rural areas, making it difficult to get fingerprinting  with very little inconvenience. When this occurs the individual is allowed to request ink fingerprinting instead. The fingerprint technician can go to you or you can go to them.


  • When an individual is in need of a background screening in another state they have the option to travel to that state for fingerprinting or come to a company like Elite Biometrics and get their fingerprinting done there, then mail off their fingerprint cards to the FBI for the out of state organization. Ink cards can cross state lines


  • If computers crash, knowing how to perform ink card fingerprinting is a must. All it requires is ink, card and proper training! 
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