How to Prepare for a Fingerprinting Session

How to Prepare for a Fingerprinting Session

Prepare for a Fingerprinting Session

Being fingerprinted can be a stressful event for some individuals. Preparing for your fingerprinting experience by knowing what to expect at Elite Biometrics will help put your mind at ease. Unlike some facilities we offer a calm, clean and comfortable atmosphere. Most of all our friendly staff will greet you with a smile and walk you through the entire process, making sure you understand what we're doing and your next steps. We've had customers who begin to sweat profusely or even shake. We also have customers who have extremely dry hands and some who have very low ridges, making it difficult for the fingerprinting professional to successfully transfer fingerprints. If you know you will be fingerprinted using the ink method here are a few things that can make your session go smoothly.

Preparing Your Fingers

  • Dry fingers? If possible schedule your appointment 3-5 days out to allow your fingers time to get ready. Be sure to moisturize regularly and drink plenty of water. Try not to let your fingers become dry prior to your appointment. This will allow your fingers time to hydrate and the ridges to become more pronounced, allowing for a successful transfer onto the fingerprint card.
  • Sweaty fingers? Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis within a short time span. Be sure to inform your fingerprinting professional if he/she does not ask beforehand. The fingerprint professional will quickly assess the situation and prepare to move quickly while keeping the fingers dry allowing for a successful fingerprint transfer.
  • Missing fingers? No problem! Your fingerprinting professional knows exactly what to do and how to properly document this on your fingerprint card. They will ask if your finger was missing at birth or amputated, as there is a specific code for each.
  • Fresh cuts? If your finger is bandaged, your fingerprinting professional will document this information according to policy and the background screening organization will know why a print was not taken at the time of service. 
  • Old cut/scar? No worries, we can still transfer the print and we may document on the card there is scarring.
  • Stiff fingers or arthritis? Our fingerprinting professional will do all he/she can to make sure we obtain the required prints. We have tools available to make this a seamless process. All we need is for you to relax and we'll take care of the rest. 

In conclusion, Elite Biometrics prides itself on exceptional customer service and making our customers feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible. If by chance we are unable to obtain a proper print we will prepare a letter for you to send in with your fingerprint card explaining the issue. We guarantee our work! If ever your prints are rejected due to an error of ours, you may reschedule another session free of charge, and must provide proof at the time of service. The option is listed on the website. You are in good hands with Elite Biometrics.

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